Professional managerial studies in BBA, MBA, DBA, MPA a LL.M. programmes

Professional managerial studies at the University of Social and Administrative Affairs are not studies under the Higher Education Act but is accredited by the internationally accredited research and educational institution European Association Comenius (EACO) operating in Vienna, which places high demands on the providers not only in terms of quality of education process but especially in terms of quality of staffing and study materials used in the blended-learning form of study. The University of Social and Administrative Affairs has met the challenging conditions of all 18 criteria required for accreditation, including a five-day audit activity in the teaching facilities of the University of Social and Administrative Affairs.

The guarantor of education is the University of Social and Administrative Affairs, a member of the PRIGO Group, which also cooperates with the University of Cambridge, one of the three best-rated universities in the world.

Graduate Diploma in BBA, MBA, DBA, MPA or LL.M. is issued by the University of Social and Administrative Affairs and at the same time counter-signed by the EACO accreditation organization operating in Vienna.

The University of Social and Administrative Affairs offers professional managerial studies in one-year and two-year BBA, MBA, MPA and LL.M. programmes and in the three-year DBA programme. These programmes are generally internationally accepted in practice as equivalents of higher education and are aimed at providing knowledge and skills in the fields of business, law or public administration. All programmes require practice in the field.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is understood as equivalent to Bachelor’s degree programmes. It may be completed in a two-year programme Business and Taxes and it is designed for applicants who have attained at least a secondary education with a GCSE. Graduates of higher vocational schools, Bachelor’s degree programmes at universities or BBA programmes may apply for studies in two-year Master’s or Postgraduate programmes Business and Taxes in the Global Environment (MBA, Master of Business Administration), Public Administration (MPA) and Management in Education (MPA). Further in the programmes Social Law (LL.M., Master of Laws) and Schooling Law (LL.M.). LL.M. programmes are conceived as one-year. University graduates or MBAs can extend their education in a three-year DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) programme Management in Global Environment which is considered as an equivalent to doctoral study programmes. In all cases, at least two years of management experience is required for admission to study.

The study is provided on a full-time basis as well as through Blended Learning – a modern teaching method that combines full-time study with on-line education through e-learning, webinars and online tutorials. It is structured into study modules that correspond to coherent thematic blocks. The study is in Czech.

With the exception of the DBA programme Management in the Global Environment, at least one module accredited by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is part of all the study programmes, after which the student obtains a certificate indicating the increase of qualification.

The teaching of all study programmes is provided exclusively by university teachers and leading practitioners. Exceptional conditions for graduating offer you the certainty that you will be able to make the most of your knowledge in your practice and, eventually, pass them on to your colleagues.

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